Bread upma and other variations

You can make upma with pretty much anything - with couscous (use less water) or with flattened rice (also called poha - soak for a few minutes in boiling water than squeeze out the water and use) or with small broken bits of vermicelli (you can get them in Indian stores called vermicellini). But the most interesting one my mother used to make is with left over or stale bread. 

Cut the bread into small 1 cm by 1 cm cubes. Using the upma recipe from previous page, when the tempering is done, put in the bread, stir it around, sprinkle a few drops of water over the whole, then put the lid on and let it cook for five or ten minutes on a low heat. And that's it. There is something really nice about the slight sweetness that you get from the bread in conjunction with the spices.

bread upma.jpg