Tomato rice

October 2018, almost a year since last visit to India and I am running out of karyapak. I simply cannot bring myself to spend £1.20 at the Franham Road Exotic shop, for a tiny little packet of maybe twenty leaves. I think the Derby Road shop is about £1.35 for the same. I had to cook something for the SAC lunch on the 4th, and Kasia and Joerg staying over with the kids and we had a lot of left over rice. So… needs must.

I did a modified talimpu (tering) with cumin seeds, mustard seeds, cashew nuts and either chana dal or putnala pappu (this is called daria in Hindi and available in all Indian shops). Then put in a big teaspoonful of asafoetida. Then two green chillies chopped and a large bunch of parsley, finely chopped stalks and all, that Kevan had just harvested. Then salt and a can of tomatoes. When bubbling a bit, I added the rice, mixed it about and turned the fire off. It was lovely, more wet than dry but not dripping wet, just glistening with the tomatoes and the green parsley dots.