Priya’s podi mamsam (dry fried mutton)

Priya often made this for us to bring back to the UK - especially for Rohan I think! Make quite a lot when you do it - it is a bit of effort, but as it freezes well and is unbelievably yummy as a sort of condiment with hot white rice, it is worth being efficient with the effort.

Boneless mutton (a kilo or two or more, but amount here are for a kilo)

Sunflower oil (half a cup or so)

Chopped ginger (2 inch piece)

Four garlic cloves

Large onion sliced

Garam masala powder (2 or 3 teaspoons)

Coriander powder (2 teaspoons)

Chilli powder (2 teaspoons)

Salt (2 teaspoons)

Green chillies (2 or 3)

Karyapak (curry leaves (large handful)

Boil the meat, with some garlic and ginger. In a large kadai, put some oil, and when hot add sliced onions, and stir till they go very dark. Then add some ginger and garlic again – a fair amount. Now put the boiled meat in the kadai and keep stir-frying – ie use a salaki or metal spatula to keep shoving the mixture from side to side as it were – for a long while until the whole thing is dark and wonderful.

Then add some garam masala podi (powder) and dhaniyala podi (coriander powder) and chilli powder and salt. Keep stir frying a bit more. Add a few slit green chillies, some karyapak and keep going. Then just before the end add a little coconut powder. Stir a bit. Then its done. Basically it should by now be dark and like a pulled-meat dish, but dry.