Rolling chapatis (phulkas)

Make slightly smaller balls from the dough, about ping pong ball sized. Flatten a ball, sprinkle a little flour on the board and roll out into a roughly 5 or 6 inch circle, again ensuring the edges are thin.

Cooking chapatis (phulkas)

Heat a roti pan (or any frying pan) and slide the chapati on. Heat, moving around the pan with a spatula so it doesn't stick, until light brown patches appear on the underside. Then turn over just once until the same on the other side. Now hold the chapati in tongs and hold it over a big flame first on one side and then on the other and watch it puff out into a ball. Should take about ten seconds on each side maybe. Pile them up and cover with a cloth to prevent steam dampening them. Or, ideally, be a good wife in the kitchen and serve them up e at a time hot to the table as others eat!