Murgh Malaidar

I first made this, properly, in Feb 2014 when Encarna and Alex were visiting and they, with Beatriz and Hartmut, came for dinner. It was pretty good!

16 chicken thigh fillets (or with the bone)

3 tablespoons ginger and garlic paste

4 large black cardamoms

2 large cardamom sticks (broken into halves)

12 small green cardamoms and 10 cloves (bashed up)

2 largeish (1 inch) pieces of mace

Two large onions, sliced

I green chilli

Medium bunch coriander

4 teaspoons white pepper


3 cups milk

2 tbsps single cream

Make some slits in the chicken by stabbing the whole lot with a long pointy knife. Use your hands to mix in the ginger and garlic paste and the white pepper. Marinate for at least an hour.

In large kadai, heat the oil, then put the cinnamon pieces, the mace, the black cardamoms, the bashed up green cardamoms and cloves. After they sizzle a bit, put in the green chilli and the onions and let cook on low heat so a bit translucent but NOT browned. After fifteen minutes or so, put in the chicken, stir it round for a few minutes until all the pieces are ‘sealed’ (i.e., the outsides have gone white {NOT brown}) then add in the milk and the cream and the coriander, put on a tightish lid and cook for maybe an hour on low heat until the meat is tender. Add salt (2 and half teaspoons I’d guess) and at the end garnish with a few coriander leaves and some roasted almonds.

The whole dish looks pale and delicate and the flavor is wonderful.