Independence Day Puris (i.e., in the green, white and saffron of the Indian flag). Also from Anjali, from the Army circles

Spinach Puris: In the flour, first mix in half tsp (to ¾) salt, ½ to ¾ tsp jeera powder, one pinch (1/4 tsp) garam masala powder,  mix it all up and then make a well, and put in the blanched and very finely pureed (in a mixi) spinach with minimum water, and then fold it all in and knead it to rolling out consistency. If still dry, add water.

Two small cups of flour (or one of wholewheat and one plain mixed), and one cup of the spinach puree. This should probably make about 12 small puris (maybe).

Paneer Puris: In the flour, same basic dough, with same seasoning (1/2 to ¾ tsp salt, ½ tsp jeera powder, 1/4 to ½ tsp chilli powder, ¼ tsp garam masala). Finely grate (as fine as possible) the paneer. The easier way is to put the grated paneer into and mx in with the flour, but then it will melt like cheese and you wont’t taste the paneer much. But the better way is to roll out small blobs of ordinary dough (without the masalas; put the masalas into the paneer instead) and put in  a tsp of seasoned paneer in the centre of each rolled disc. Fold over, pat gently to spread the mix and roll out the puri. Never overstuff the puri – its not a paratha - it won’t fluff out if you put too much in.

Saffron puris: Soak good pinch of saffron strands in to two tbsps. Of milk, and when the colour leeches, mix the whole into the water with which you will knead the dough. But be careful, use less water in the beginning (otherwise it would dilute too much and the colour is lost). And that’s it. (My radical version – grate carrots finely right into the flour so that the moisture of the carrots will be part of the dough (Anjali’s reluctant tip after she first turned up her nose at the thought of carrot puris). Add some ginger powder, jeera powder, salt and chilli flakes.)