Greek rice with milk

Okay so this dish doesn’t exist. No one knows about it. Not Stellitsa, not the internet. But I remember it – in that dinner in that large hall when Bruner was there I think, or the previous conference in Rhethymnon.

But – adapting it from other preparations – including a bit of Pratibha Karanth’s biryani with milk – here goes

1 cup long grain rice

2.5 cups good chicken stock

1 tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon olive oil

Dollop of milk/ or cupful of a whitish crumbly cheese


1 teaspoon of oregano

Sprigs of parsley

Lightly fry the rice for a minute in the butter and olive oil in a heavy bottomed saucepan, add the chicken stock and milk. Add salt, some oregano and that’s it. Cook on very low heat till pretty soft (add a tad more water if needed). Garnish with parsley leaves on top.

Or, try this:

Instead of the milk, add some whitish cheese in the last five minutes of cooking, letting it all blend in. Maybe this was it!