Quick fried frozen fish fillets

I used to make this a lot in the old days. It was probably the thing I made when Ameeta  and Patrick came once for dinner on their way to the boat in Portsmouth. And they were – learned later - rather taken aback that I came back home after work at 6 and only then took the fish out of the freezer. Well, you can and it certainly isn't gourmet cook, but it ain’t so bad!


I pack fillets any frozen white fish – cod, haddock, hake

1 teaspoon garam masala powder

½ teaspoon haldi

½ teaspoon chilli powder

1 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons sunflower oil

Put the frozen fillets – any white fish – on a large plate, pour/ rub the oil on the pieces, making sure each frozen piece is coated. Then sprinkle all the powdered spices, one at a time, on the oil coated fillets. Put the plate in the microwave on defrost. When defrosted, pour away any water on the plate, and either place the fillets in a lightly oiled frying pan, or on a lightly oiled baking tray (easier) and fry or bake till golden brown (if in a frying pan you will need to turn each fillet delicately over once).



In a frying pan put two tablespoons of oil. When hot (but not smoky) put in two teaspoons of panch foran, let them crackle, then put in the defrosted fish pieces. And fry till browned in patches on both sides, turning once.