Durgakka's Green mango and mustard pickle

So Durgakka came by one Sunday to see the kids and their attachments! and one of the things she brought was this mango pickle (fresh green mangoes from her own tree). No chilli in it at all she said, so that Kevin and the kids could enjoy it. Just mustard. It was amazing. Everyone (except Kevan maybe) really loved it. Fresh hot white rice and this pickle on it - mouth watering as I write - and the rest of it is still sitting in my fridge! Interestingly, Durgakka said she always keeps her pickles - all of them - in the fridge. She said it keeps the mango pieces crisp. Never knew that! Chris, gulping it down, asked in true conceptual philosophical fashion, if this mustard heat could still be called kaaram even though there was no chilli in it. Hmm, I thought. I didn't know. Asked Durgakka. And she said no - this wouldn't be kaaram, it would be a 'ghat' - that word about wafts of taste heat usually in the air (but clearly not always) that go up your nose and make you sneeze or burn, but in the nose, not on the tongue. Wow! That's a discovery. Of course, Chris was super happy with the clarity of the answer. It fit some conceptual model he had! My most common use of the the word ghatu is when you are handling (or drying in the sun - remember this only from Bholokpur) red chillies and something fills the air.  Anyway - the recipe!


Green mangoes, chopped into half inch pieces, with skin but not with the 'stone' - about 8 cups

Mustard powder - 1 cup

Sesame seed powder - about 1 and a bit cups

Salt - a teaspoon?

Small garlic cloves - as many as you like!

In clean and completely dry bowl, mix them all together - put into a very clean very dry jar, and that's it!!