Sweetcorn fritters

Now this was a chance discovery! One weekend recently, I had loads of tender makkabuttas (cobs of corn) bought over ten days ago thinking I could use them for Harry and Rohan but had then kept forgetting. So yesterday, when Steve Lindsay, Hartmut et al were coming, Ro and I decided to cook them. I wanted to get the sweet corn off the cob and maybe fry them dry - like I remember in the rainy season in India. But, as there was batter left over from Ro’s fried fish the day before,  Ro suggested mixing the corn in with it. So we did that, extending the batter with some gram flour. It was really a revelation. The fritters were really light, knobbly, fell apart in the mouth like they were made of air. Absolutely yummy. Best thing was, Hartmut took over and started making them – even the hand in the batter and dropping the mixture into oil part!

Get the corn off the cobs with a knife (you could do it the hard way, picking out each one with a thumbnail, but that hurts after a bit). Make a batter with gram flour and a very little bit of water, adding some dry roasted cumin as well as some chopped and fried ginger,  fried karyapak, a bit of chilli powder and more salt. The batter itself should be sort of like whipped cream - not too runny. Put the corn bits into the batter and stir with a fork. 

Pick up little fingerfuls of this light lumpy mixture into hot oil. It is fantastic!