Chitti’s maamsam chutney (meat chutney)

I had no clue while I was growing up, that one could make pickles or chutneys with meat. usually lamb or mutton. My sister Chitti made this one - she is really the Chutney Queen in my book! - and it opened up a door for me into another wonderful world. This recipe is for quite a large amount (it really does vanish) so you can freeze some and maybe give little pots of it as presents!


Mutton (1 Kg, boneless, chopped into very large chunks, not small pieces)

Tomato puree (about 2 Kg, but if using the concentrated puree available in the UK, use much less, no more than 1 Kg)

Tamarind (a good chunk - small handful)

Sunflower oil (half a litre - yes its a lot, but the oil disappears into the meat and preserves the chutney, you'll see)

Cumin seeds (1 tablespoon)

Mustard seeds (1 tablespoon)

Karyapak (curry leaves, good handful)

Dried red chillies (three)

Garlic cloves (three, chopped up)

Ginger and garlic paste (1 cup full)

Garam masala powder (1 tablespoon)

Cumin powder (half tablespoon)

Fenugreek powder (half tablespoon)

Chilli powder (4 tablespoons)



Boil the meat with a little bit of water until it is falling apart (keep watching it, stir if looking its too dry, and maybe add a tad of water if needed). Then bash it with a dal bashing tool (if there is too much liquid it won’t bash down, hence don't add too much water). They say now that you should remove all fat, but there isn’t usually that much fat in the meat we get here.

Take a large kadai, when hot, add the oil and when that is hot, do the usual talimpu (tempering) with the cumin and mustard seeds, then the red chillies, then the karyapak, then the chopped garlic. Now bung in the bashed up meat and stir it round till well mixed. Now add the cupful of g&g paste, and the tomato puree, stir and keep cooking on a low fire for at least 40 minutes - it does take a lot of stirring. Towards the end add the garam masala, cumin and fenugreek powders. Keep stirring for a few minutes and then you’re done. Basically at the end of it you have a large kadaiful of glorious red, gleaming chutney. Super wonderful with hot white rice and a bit of ghee. You can have it on toast, or in sandwiches too. Absolutely yummy!