Chicken stuffed with Chermoula, with orzo (barley-shaped pasta). Friday 16 March 2018


Jane staying with us. Defrosted the de-boned chicken thighs in the morning before leaving, and asked Karl what he thought I should cook….



Made the chermoula with a couple of large handfuls of parsley (some from freezer) and a couple of large handfuls of coriander from freezer (both with stalks and all), about five medium cloves of garlic, a couple of tablespoons of white wine vinegar, one fresh chilli, salt, a bit of olive oil. Whizzed it all, adding a few drops of water from the hole in the lid at end.


Put the chermoula – about a large teaspoon full – into each chicken thigh (I should have tied each one up, but didn’t), and placed in a hot pan with a bit of oil. Fried slightly on each side (they managed not to open up and spill contents). Then chucked in some white wine and a bit more of the chermoula around the pieces, put the lid on and simmered for maybe half an hour, adding some fresh sliced tomatoes towards the end. It ended up with a lot of liquid around, which was great for soaking up the barley-shaped pasta (separately cooked to time). I separately fried some thinly sliced aubergine and served with.

chicken w chermoula, with orzo.jpg