Apple pickle

I discovered this recently – August 2018 -  after the enormous glut of early apples this amazing summer. It works as a pickle (i.e., it can live outside the fridge for a fair while, although it has usually finished so quick I can't be sure how long it would last!)

5 large cooking apples (cut into bite sized pieces, unpeeled).

Chilli powder (two teaspoons)

Turmeric (one teaspoon)


Sunflower oil (about three tablespoons)

Cumin seeds (two teaspoons)

Mustard seeds (two teaspoons)

Dried red chilli (one)

Karyapak (curry leaves, ten or so)

Asafoetida (large pinch - half teaspoon?)

In a large bowl, mix the chilli powder, turmeric and salt in withe apple pieces.   In small frying pan or little kadai, heat the sunflower oil until hot (but not smoky), put in the cumin seeds (should crackle instantly), the mustard seeds (they will pop), the red chilli, then the curry leaves (let them fry for half a minute), then the asafoetida. Sizzle for maybe ten seconds or so (the powder should just have a chance to catch the heat and lose its rawness). Take pan off heat and pour this over the apples. Mix a bit with spoon and leave it, covered, to settle.  Put into airtight, sterile jar.

Eat with steaming hot rice, and maybe even a touch of ghee on top!