Amma's triangular rotis (light parathas)

Rolling the rotis:

Make little balls - about golf ball sized - and put them aside. To roll a roti, flatten the ball a tad, sprinkle a little flour on the board and roll out to about a 6 inch diameter circle. Spread a half teaspoon of oil roughly on this and then sprinkle a pinch of flour over the oil. Now fold the circle in half, touch a bit more oil over the top and sprinkle a bit more flour, and fold the semi-circle over into a triangle. Now roll the triangle out into a larger triangle - roughly about 7 or 8 inches on each side, making sure that you keep the edges rolled thin.

Cooking rotis:Heat a roti pan (or any frying pan) and  gently slap the roti on. You can use a spatula to move the roti around the pan (so it doesn't stick), and then turn it over just once (it should have light golden bits on it) and heat the other side until the same. Now put a touch of oil on the pan, until both sides are lightly oiled and cook on each side, turning once, until both sides are nicely golden brown. Pile the rotis up and keep covered (with a cloth on top so the steam from the cover doesn't ruin them) until the rest of the food is ready to eat.